Top 9 Takeover

Top 9 Takeover

Want to have some fun on instagram? Let’s play a game! It’s a cooperative game where the adoptee community works together to takeover the Top 9 instagram posts on adoption related hashtags with posts created by adoptees!

In order to win, we have to be intentional and strategic. If we all pitch in and do this right, we will celebrate as each Top 9 spots on our targeted hashtags gets filled with adoptee voices!

Keep reading to learn how to
submit your IG Post for a Top 9 feature!

How this works:

On the first Saturday of every month, we’ll share the links to 9 instagram posts from 9 different adoptees. Their posts will have a caption that includes the hashtags we’re targeting for the Top 9 Takeover.

Then we’ll be relying on YOU and every adoptee and ally on Instagram to go to each of those posts and do the following:

  1. Save the post. (The little flag on the right)
  2. Share the post.
  3. Comment on the post.
  4. Leave a separate comment tagging others on the post.

Pro Tip: Saving an instagram post tells Instagram that post is super important! It gives it a much bigger boost on the platform than simply Liking the post. Sharing the post is the second most beneficial action. So while we definitely want you to LIKE each post, we’re asking you prioritize Saving & Sharing.

Bonus if you get chatty back and forth with someone in the comment section! We have to get engagement on these posts into the 100s and 1,000s in order to break through to the Top 9 on our targeted hashtags!

Note: Re-gramming or re-posting isn’t recommended because we don’t want to confuse people about which post to engage on. However, feel free to share the post to other social media networks if you like.

Format a post to share!

PAY ATTENTION: We’ve created a specific post format (see below) designed to grab the attention of all audiences and then let each adoptee share a bit of their personal perspective.

Here is the info on the format in a fancy, engaging image.
We’ll break it down below.

Step 1: Create your carousel post.

Just in case you don’t know…a carousel post (or “swipebook”) is when you upload multiple images into one Instagram post. You can do this right from your Instagram app. You just need to have the images ready in your photo files.

FIRST IMAGE: Get their attention.

Starting off, we’re asking the first image of your carousel post be a photo of you as kid with a text overlay that says “To be adopted…”

Here is an example with a photo from our founder, Tiffany.

Why as a kid? Because it gets people attention and makes them curious; and we want these posts to generate a huge amount of engagement.

Why the text overlay? To give your photo an immediate, visual context (i.e. This is about adoption!) and to indicate there is more to the post than the first image.

  • Canva Template. With a free Canva account you can upload your photo onto our template, and then download it! Just be sure to move your photo to the back, behind the text.
  • Download transparent .png files: Black Text Overlay, White Text Overlay. Use a photo editing app to layer the .png over your picture.

SECOND IMAGE: Share your adoptee truth.

In the 2nd image, finish the sentence from the first image with a text post. What is it like for you to be adopted? Share from your experience and perspective. “To be adopted is… ___[insert whatever comes to mind here.]”

Design your second image however you like!

We recommend you keep it to one or two sentences in the second image. You can elaborate further in the caption of your post.

THIRD IMAGE: Point to more from adoptees.

The third and final image is a call to follow adoptee specific hashtags to direct people to more adoptee voices. Create a text image that either beings with #ListenToAdoptees or something like “Follow these hashtags”.

Then list the hashtags that are relevant to you or that you recommend people follow. Don’t include the #Top9Takeaway hashtags of #adoption or #adoptionstory in the third image. Use this space to point to things like #AdopteeVoices or #TransracialAdoptee or #AdoptionTrauma.

Tip: 7 or less hashtags will be easier for viewers to remember.

POST CAPTION: Don’t forget the hashtags!

In your post caption, you can write whatever you like! Use this as an opportunity to share your adoptee truth. Maybe elaborate on the words in your second image, or tell folks about this Top 9 Takeover and why you’re participating.


  • #Adoption
  • #AdoptionStory
  • #AdoptionJourney
  • #AdopteeInfluencer
  • #Top9Takeover

Plus any other hashtags you like to use.

Why these hashtags?

The first three above are currently dominated by adoptive parent posts. When folks follow the first three hashtags, they nearly exclusively get the adoptive parent perspective on adoption and what it means.

We want to interrupt this narrative and break through with the #AdopteeVoice! This is one way to SATURATE adoption-land with adoptee content.

When we successfully takeover the Top 9 on one of these hashtags, we’ll replace it with another adoption related hashtag!

We want you to use #AdopteeInfluencer so your posts are also hitting the Top 9 of our hashtag. We want other adoptees to find out about this challenge and join in the game!

And finally, #Top9Takeover is the specific niche tag we’ll use to find ALL OF THE PREVIOUS posts we’ve featured in our Top 9 fun. It’ll be the hashtag folks can use to make sure they’ve engaged on each and every single one and KEEP THEM in the top 9!

Step 2: Post it & submit your link.

You can do this anytime. Whenever it strikes your fancy and fits your grid.

Once you post it, grab the link and submit it in our form. Each month we’ll share links to the next set of 9 posts on the list. Although, we might need to repeat some each month in order to truly takeover the top 9 on some of these tags.

At any rate, it will not hurt for your post to be out there generating engagement before it is featured as one of our Top 9 to target. It will get featured eventually!

Alright, you ready?