Sustainable Content Creation

Sustainable Content Creation

The Adoptee Influencer Network exists to help adoptee creatives do their work in a way that is sustainable. Especially when it comes to adoptees who are educating or advocating in the adoption space and pushing back against false narratives in adoption. 

This work is taxing but vital. Far too many talented and passionate adoptees have exhausted themselves in this work and have had to walk away permanently; to close up shop. This pattern of working ourselves to the bone is not healthy, it harms us, and it also prevents us from staying in the work for the long run.

We need to be able to stay in it because we have a long road ahead to bring change in the adoption industry.

Psychologically Sustainable

When we engage in adoption education and advocacy, we need to take care of ourselves and our needs along the way. This is covered in more depth in our Facebook group unit on self-care.

The point is that preventing burnout and avoiding doing harm to ourselves in our attempts to help others, requires that we have a psychologically sustainable approach. 

Therefore the Adoptee Influencer Network prioritizes our mental, emotional and even physical health over our need to achieve.

We promote naps, breaks, and asking for help and support.

Financially Sustainable

Creation is costly. There is nothing that we, as humans, can create that doesn’t use something of value; our time, energy, experience, talent, as well as raw materials and any number of other resources. 

That is why we believe that adoptee creatives and influencers cannot always work for free. There are some situations we do encourage offering free labor or services in the adoption space, but we’ll cover those another time.

Right now, we recognize the heavier burden is proving why we should get paid at all. We will make our case for financial compensation in our upcoming posts.