How to Use the Adoptee Events Calendar

How to Use the Adoptee Events Calendar

There are many adoptees hosting great events and there is no way to keep track of them all! Between social media algorithms and our need to just take a break from the internet from time to time, it’s easy to miss an event entirely or just find out about it too late.

Our Events calendar makes it easy for anyone to see what’s coming up. It also makes it easier for the Adoptee Influencer Network to promote your events on our Facebook page and in our monthly Viewsletter. This post covers how to use the adoptee events calendar.


Your event does not have to be for adoptees only and does not have to be about adoption specifically. So, for example, if you’re leading a virtual meditative art class that isn’t specifically about adoption, you can still list it! Our only requirement is that the event is led or hosted by an adoptee. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Creating an Event Listing

The first thing to ask yourself is: do you think you’ll want to edit your event details after you create an event? Maybe you’re adding a recurring event or there is a likelihood that your time or event fee might change.

IF YES: Then you should start by creating a login for our site. It’s free and only requires an email. After you register, you’ll be able to add events and see your list of events so you can edit them anytime you like.

IF NO: Click here to go right to the form to add an event to our calendar.

Tips for Your Event:

Event Graphic

Make sure you have an event image under 200 MB in either .jpg or .png format. We recommend using Canva, an online graphics creator. This will help your listing pop!

Timezone Edit

  • In the Event Time & Date box, please edit your Timezone.
  • Click on the pencil icon to edit.
  • In the input box, type a major city in your Timezone (e.g. Los Angeles).

Optional Categories & Tags

You don’t have to add categories or tags to your event. If you do, it helps your event show up in our site search. If there is a category or tag you’d like us to add to the list, just let us know!

Venue & Organizer

Since most events are online these days, we have some preset “Venue” options like “Virtual” or “Facebook LIVE”. You can edit and add your own venue if you need.

Also don’t forget to add yourself or your group’s name as the Organizer. Events can have multiple organizers listed, which is helpful for collaborative events.

After You Submit…

Your event will get approved by our site admin and then it will show up on our calendar! To help your event get approved faster, we recommend you create a login for our site. The only reason we wouldn’t approve an event is because we couldn’t confirm that it matched our one and only requirement; that the event is led or hosted by an adoptee. So make sure the contact info you list when you create your event is accurate!