Adoptee Made Gift Guide

Adoptee Made Gift Guide

Buying gifts for a special occasion? Want to support some amazing adoptee entrepreneurs? We’re compiling a list of products, services and online stores that you can shop that are all adoptee-owned and/or adoptee-made!

If you’re an adoptee with a product or service to sell, fill out this form. Updates will be made periodically to our guide.

Toys & Games

Purple Like Me Crafts

Purple Like Me Crafts
By Baké Watt
I create Black felt dolls, bookmarks, and ornaments and writing encouraging letters for young adoptees. The money from my shop supports my family (including my bio family in Benin).

Food & Beverage

Sunshine Teas Louisiana
By Sara Woods 
Loose leaf teas, tea accessories, crystals and gemstone.


Adoption & Race eLearning
By Cam Lee Small, MS, LPCC at Therapy Redeemed

Helps adoptive families connect (despite our different perspectives!), and move us from high-octane tension to a more compassionate sense of awareness and hope regarding adoption-related topics.

For Adoptees

Adoptee Mantra Poster
By Amanda Medina

I created this mantra for fellow adoptees after having realized many of us struggle with things like accepting our feelings, allowing ourselves to feel loved and a sense of belonging. This is my message to you, that I hope you can take to hear and make your own daily reminder to yourself.

Art & Home Decor

JenKim Creative
By Jen Kim
Paper floristry, hand made.

By Jessica Sun Lee
Original art prints, cards & books.

Xiaoling Photography
By Xiaoling Keller
Landscape, nature and wildlife photography prints and canvasses

Under an Orange Moon Pyrography
By Jen Matthews
Wood burned items with personalization.

Butterfly & The Storm
By Lori Mier
Etsy shop: healing nature photography.

No. 1 in the Compilation Series
By Kat Geng
The art displayed above is a custom, limited edition series just for this gift guide!
Sculptor and Latinx Visual Artist Kat Geng (b. Bogotá, Colombia, raised in Brooklyn, NY) embraces material – well worn and brand new – to imagine objects with renewed purpose in her mixed media assemblages.

Pseudo Pompous, LLC
By A.D. Herzel
Fine art & Portrait commissions, small golden Silhouettes and full drawings of Adoption photos.

Natalie Boone Art
Art prints, T-shirts, stickers, and more! Beautiful watercolor and ink artwork available on a variety of items.

The Daisy Project
By Jeff Kuratnick
A flower historically associated with loss, healing, and new beginnings: the daisy represents my experience as a product of the closed domestic adoption industry in the United States. Partial proceeds go towards organizations dedicated to supporting adoptee rights and biological family reunions.

Cards & Stationary

By @Adopteefeels, Moira N

Limited amount. Anonymous quote relating to adoptee’s or adoptive guardians. DM me on Instagram for purchase.

Books & Literature

You Cannot Burn The Sun
By Matthew Charles

I wrote and self published a poetry book in the summer of 2020 about the uprising and my experience in it.

The Truth About Forgiveness
By Meggan Larson

What is forgiveness and what is it not? Does forgiving someone mean that you have to have a relationship with them? Can you forgive someone who isn’t even sorry? What if they don’t deserve forgiveness? All of these questions and more are answered inside this power packed book. Come and learn the truth about forgiveness and begin your healing journey.

Growing Up Black In White
By Kevin D. Hofmann

I share my journey as a transracial adoptee and how race has impacted my life.

Merin and Her Very Bright Star
By Lori Mier
Children’s book on loss and healing

Through Adopted Eyes
By Elena S Hall
This book is a collection of memories from 50 adoptees.

Searching for Mom
By Sara Easterly
A “disarmingly honest” mother-daughter story. Sara’s perspective as an adoptee offers insight for anyone in the adoption constellation. And her hopeful story with themes of belonging, family, forgiveness, and being known are universally relevant to all mothers and daughters..

Decoding Our Origins
Edited Abby Forero-Hilty
The Lived Experiences of Colombian Adoptees is written by seventeen authors who were born in Colombia and adopted internationally. Their individual stories illustrate different aspects of the transracial adoption experience..

Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother
By Kevin Barhydt

“Dear Stephen Michael’s Mother is not simply a story of redemption; it is a vivid tale of the fall.” From first time author, Kevin Barhydt, comes a memoir of how a young boy abandoned, abused and addicted became a man with the hope, courage and resilience to seek out his biological mother.

Set Free: A Childhood Memoir 
By Destini McAlister

Born into a family saturated with generational trauma, Destini’s case file with child protective services began when she was only seven months old. In her own words and unique perspective, Destini shares her vivid and detailed memories of her experience navigating child abuse, kinship care, foster care and finding a future despite the broken pieces of the past. Through all the secrets, confusion, twists and turns of her complex childhood, Destini’s story is one of hope for trauma survivors…a hope that through consistent love, support, and faith in Christ, we all can be set free.

Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. 
By Jenny Heijun Wills

Delving into gender, class, racial, and ethnic complexities, as well as into the complex relationships between Korean women–sisters, mothers and daughters, grandmothers and grandchildren, aunts and nieces–Older Sister. Not Necessarily Related. describes in visceral, lyrical prose the painful ripple effects that follow a child’s removal from a family, and the rewards that can flow from both struggle and forgiveness.

Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections
By Shelby Kilgore and Veronica Breaux

Over 40 adoptee stories were gathered to create a platform for adoptee voices to be heard, to help heal, and to educate. Rooted in Adoption: A Collection of Adoptee Reflections is a vital resource for adoptees, first parents, mental health professionals, foster care parents, prospective adoptive parents and adoptive parents.

Apparel & Accessories

The Keshani Collection
By Rena Vogt

The Keshani Collection was born out of my love for unique and delicate jewelry and is inspired by my vibrant motherland, India. Handcrafted with care, each piece is intended to bring that extra bit of sparkle to the woman who wears it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support.

TinyDoc TieDyes
By Chelle Cook
Tie dye business offering custom and pre-made tie dyes in singles or bulk and a variety of items. Mostly made specialty with ice as opposed to the classic liquid squirt dyes.

Indigo + Swan
By Ferera Swan
Indigo + Swan is an online store as well as an Etsy store that sells apparel, accessories, and items for the home/office. Through the designs I create inspired by authentic messages surrounding adoption, trauma, mental health, abuse recovery, and social justice, I strive to motivate necessary conversation, educate the public, advocate for more ethical practices, spread awareness, awaken healing, and change lives.

“Powerful conversation. Brave apparel and gifts. Inspiring awareness, empathy, and healing, one message at a time. Adoptee founded and created.”

National Parks Merchandise
By Caroline Reusen

The National Parks Experience merchandise store celebrates “America’s Best Idea”, the U.S. national parks. From tees and sweatshirts to accessories and stickers, these original designs showcase many of America’s iconic parks and landscapes. As an effort to give back and protect the lands we love to explore, 10% of profits are donated to conservation organizations.

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Adoptee Influencer Network
We’d be remiss not to mention our own Etsy shop where we have a selection of items like T-shirts, prints and mugs.